Hi, I'm Anders. 
I was born in the north of Sweden. Midnight sun was a natural part of my childhood as well as dark, freezing cold winters. My family moved south to Stockholm, where I grew up and gained an interest in photography. 
Some years ago my wife and I settled down in the small town of Arboga and we took on a lifelong project renovating/ restaurating our house with sheds and barns surrounding the yard on all sides. The whole estate dating back to the 17th century. My wife calls our barns the most expensive fences ever built. 
Since I live in Arboga but still work in Stockholm I get the best of two different worlds. I like working with my hands and love all kinds of animals and most insects. I rescue all spiders my wife screams about and carefully place them outdoors. I never ever hesitate to take on an almost hopeless mission. I'm a stubborn optimist who doesn't stop until whatever job is done. What I really love about photography is that I can visualize a picture, create it and then capture it in my camera. I love those moments and it's worth every effort.
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